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necujam sokol apartmentThe fourth century, Emperor Diocletian , who lived nearby in his palace (today the heart of Split ) used the smallest cove in Nečujam as your pond. That is why that cove today Piškera name, and the ruins are still there, at the bottom of the sea. In Piškera the Diocletian had and spas where he came to swim. Then Necujam of Split was 7-8 hours row away, and today it is only 15-20 minutes by speed boat as it is a distance of 9 nautical miles . Ever since that time Nečujam has remained a place to rest, not to work. for the Romans probably in Necujem was brick factory, then spa and pond. Next to the church is house, once owned by Dujam Balistrilić, where he stayed and Mako Marulic no pirate attacks forced the Marulića to come back to Split.

His silence and green beauty to inspire great Croatian poets - Marko Marulić and Petar Hektorović who wrote their best work in Necujem [1] . The house in which they lived is still standing, close discos. The biggest names of Croatian painting and sculpture participate each September at the Art Colony in Nečujam, capturing the blueness and greenery of Nečujam.

Nečujam is the most beautiful cove of the island of Solta. It's actually a series of bays. A total of 1,8 km long and as wide as 1.2 km. Necujam is located on the north side of the island, and from Split it by about 9 miles beautiful blue Adriatic Sea.

Building modern summer residences and tourist village become a modern tourist place. But one thing remains unchanged over the centuries, and that is the name of the place. Latin name Vallis Surda or deaf bay comes from the sheer size Nečujamska bay, which is able to hide any sound and turn it until the tiny whisper. Marulić described him through the lyrics:

"You know I live on an island, which just too far, But of the city away on stage one hundred.
If you happen to Ushti pals with me to be,
Will l'da Uzziah my blessed, rural peace,
One will soon oars only seven hours,
CILO dorinuti them over here, where I am staying. "


Our location on map and how to come

Distance to:

Nearest airport : Split - Resnik at 52 kilometres
Nearest ferry : Rogac at 10 kilometres
Nearest train : Split at 27 Kilometres
Nearest motorway : Dugopolje(A1) at 50 kilometres
Nearest beach : at 50 metres
Nearest Restaurant : at 70 metres

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